Loki’s Big Dream

Sublime, magical theatre for all ages

Okie Dokie LokieDo you love theatre? Isn’t it incredible how being present at live event creates such a sense of intimacy? How you get to be part of something wonderful? Loki’s Big Dream is ‘one of those shows.’ It uses the medium of theatre in an incredible, yet simple way. The audience is part of the performance, not simply as audience participants, or as a gag or a gimmick. They are part of the story and essential to the play. The impact is as touching as it is transformative.

The secret ingredient? Love

Loki’s Big Dream is a simple, timeless and touching story about a boy named Loki and his grandpa. Loki loves his grandpa. His grandpa loves him. Together they build cabins in the woods. In doing so they build more than cabins. They build a relationship. They build dreams. These dreams come to life through cartoon puppets, otherworldly masks and the kind of metamorphic magic that can only happen in theatre.

This show has history

Loki’s Big Dream has been performed in schools and theatres since 2007. Highlights include: The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, The Meadowvale Theatre, The McMichael Canadian Collection, The Vaughn City Playhouse, and the Interaction School for the performing arts.

For more about the show’s history, read this post.

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