Grandparents are fantastic

Bring your parents, bring your kids, bring your love to be

When I was in theatre school we did a lot of ranting, slamming beers down on tables and complaining that most main stream theatre was being made for the ‘blue rinse’ crowd at Neptune. Nothing was fresh enough. Nothing was edgy enough. Nothing was now. This was back in the days before the internet. Before smartphones. Before every now became a ‘like’ and a comment and a very quickly forgotten honey-badger, yesterday.

Good grief, I’m getting old

Now, I’m not part of that blue rinse crowd. But I remember the old days. Way back when Halifax was ‘Seattle North’ and Joel Plaskett was a gangly kid – barely a teen, playing to his parents with Thrush Hermit at the Flamingo. I remember the first Atlantic Fringe Festival. It was outstanding. Well, it was exciting anyway. Something new. Something youthful, something fresh. Something now.

Full circle?

So here I am, doing a show I’ve created for family audiences at this years Atlantic Fringe. The show, Loki’s Big Dream, isn’t a show for young audiences. It isn’t a show for the blue rinse crowd. It’s a show that brings people together across generations. It’s a show about how special people can have a huge impact on our lives. It’s a show about love and death. It’s a show for people who have lost someone special. It’s a show for people who have loved.

Grandparents rock

This show was inspired by my relationship with my grandfather – now gone – and my grandmothers (still living). Grandparents are fantastic. Grandparents get to do all the fun bits of parenting without having to venture into the heavy area of consequences. They get to be heroic and give candies for bee stings, soup when everyone in the house is sick. Grandparents can be used for sleepovers, but don’t have to be there for the constant struggles over how cold it is outside and whether the child needs a hat. Grandparents are the keepers of stories. They remember – and if you’re lucky – will tell you what your parents were like when they were your age. Grandparents can let you know that whatever is going on in your life right now, they’ve probably seen it before and everything is going to be ok.

I’m lucky. I’ve had this relationship with my grandparents. I’m watching my kids have this with theirs. Look at these guys – this is my dad and my son. 898b6810e51d166My dad and I have  a great relationship, but for my son, Granddad (or Mrs. Meatball) is just a magic, mythical figure –  he talks about him all the time. He loves him so much. Fun stuff.

So, come see Loki’s Big Dream with someone you love

Or remember that special person in your life. Because this show isn’t the kind of edgy revolutionary theatre I called for while at Dal. It’s not for the ‘blue rinse’ crowd either. It’s comfortably middle aged and full of love.  See you there.

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