Jim Dalling’g Pop Psychology for the week of November 6 1974

Working as a counsellor in Downtown Dartmouth Nova Scotia, I meet so many people. When they first come to me they are frequently nervous about beginning therapy. Uncertain and unsure about whether they will be able to grow beyond their anxiety or depression.

Funny enough, when I first sit down with people, I’m unsure too. Curious and unsure. If I knew ‘the answer’ or if there was ‘a way forward’ that was clear, people wouldn’t need be. There would be nothing to learn.

Everyday, I meet with brave people who step into the realm of the unknown and uncertain – the realm of chaos. I find myself surprised every day. Everyday I remind myself of the chorus of this song which was #2 on the Billboard charts on November 4, 1974:  Bbbbbbbbbaby you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

As an aside, I love everything about this video. The spicy lyrics. The spicy clothes. The spicy playing. The spicy lyrics. BTO were truly living the spicy life.

Bonus Video:

So many people want to come into my office and leave happy. Sadly that’s not how therapy works. People frequently feel worse before they feel better. As a therapist, my work isn’t to make people happy. Al Green however? Listening to him makes me happy. This song – Sha la la (Make Me Happy) debuted on the top 40 this week as well.

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