Jim Dalling’s Pop Psychology November 6, 1976

So. I was four years old on this day. So many songs from this day fill me with pleasure. As a therapist and counsellor working in Downtown Dartmouth I meet people everyday who have difficulty with pleasure and joy. Sometimes their joy is dependent on others. Other times it is attached to outcomes.

I help people find contentment in the moment, the here and now.

The present. What a gift.

1976 was a gift of music.

Songs from this week’s top 40 include:

1 3 ROCK’N ME –•– The Steve Miller Band (Capitol)-13 (1 week at #1) Wow do I ever still love this song
2 2 DISCO DUCK (Part 1) –•– Rick Dees and His Cast Of Idiots (RSO)-13  They made a part 2?
3 4 THE WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD –•– Gordon Lightfoot (Reprise)-11 Winds of November eh?
4 1 IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW –•– Chicago (Columbia)-13 All the good feels

7 7 SHE’S GONE –•– Daryl Hall and John Oates (Atlantic)-24 Oh my I love this song too!

9 10 MAGIC MAN –•– Heart (Mushroom)-17 Again! What riches of amazing music!

12 14 (Don’t Fear) THE REAPER –•– Blue Oyster Cult (Columbia)-15 COW BELL BONANZA! YEAAAAAHHHH!

15 21 THE RUBBERBAND MAN –•– The Spinners (Atlantic)-9 Fun and strange
16 18 FERNANDO –•– Abba (Atlantic)-10 Not their best, not their worst, so romantic though
17 19 MORE THAN A FEELING –•– Boston (Epic)-8 Power. Beautiful Power

19 5 A FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN –•– Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band (Private Stock)-24 Such disco fun
20 8 PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC –•– Wild Cherry (Epic)-21 My life would be less without this song

23 13 (Shake, Shake, Shake) SHAKE YOUR BOOTY –•– K.C and the Sunshine Band (T.K.)-18 Disco majesty!

34 48 YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCING –•– Leo Sayer (Warner Brothers)-3 Again! Another great one
35 42 STAND TALL –•– Burton Cummings (Portrait)-5 This one’s a beauty!

So, for this week there are far too many songs to write about. And I chose this:

What a gorgeous testament to grief. Music can be such a wonderful place to connect with my feelings. Knowing so many others have felt such pain I find greatly comforting. So. If you’ve loved and lost? Stand tall!

Stand tall, don’t you fall oh, don’t go and do something foolish
You’re feeling it like everyone, it’s silly human pride
Stand tall, don’t you fall. don’t go do something you’ll regret later
You’re feeling it like everyone, it’s silly human pride

So much to work with as a therapist within this song. Pride? Loss? Impulsivity? How do we feel these things in or bodies? How do we hold back? How do these things help us?

Finally, if you’re going to work with me as a therapist? I love odd things. And as such. I love this song. So very much:

I mean, for real? What’s not to love? This song truly captures the Zeitgeist of the era. Rick Dees was truly living the spicy life.

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