Jim Dalling’s Pop Psychology November 1981

Long before I was a psychotherapist, I loved music. This song first appeared on my radar while driving around Dartmouth in my father’s silver F150. We’d be on our way to a hockey practice somewhere in Cole Harbour. Or fishing on the bridge by Rainbow Haven beach. I’d sit in the cab next to my father and belt out the lyrics with as much gusto as a 9-year-old boy could at the time.

Oh my! I had No idea what I was saying.

What on earth does this have to do with being a therapist? Well, as the winter rolls on, I see more and more people coming to see me with concerns about depression. Right away, exercise can be one of the best ways to combat the initial impacts of depression.

Second, our bodies frequently hold old emotions and memories. In healing complex trauma and depression a holistic approach that uses the wisdom of our bodies can frequently lead to new insights and understanding.

Finally, working as a Gestalt Therapist, I’m constantly observing my clients. When contact happens and my client makes a discovery, I see the change. A change in breath, in their appearance – flushed skin, a shift in their eyes or even a subtle sinking in their chair. In short, a release of emotional or mental tension can cause a perceptive physical shift.

So, this winter, get physical! It will help you stay healthy!

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