Breakout from Depression – Jim Dalling’s Pop Psychology, November 6, 1988

Breakout from depression with support from a therapist in downtown Dartmouth

So, before becoming a therapist. Before I worked with people stuck in depression and anxiety in the Greater Dartmouth and Halifax area, I was a wedding DJ. As such, I had a pretty deep knowledge of popular music. Occasionally, I’ll come across a pop song that was completely forgettable. This week’s entry in Pop Psychology features one such song.

Breakout by Swing Out Sister was #7 on the top 40 charts on November 6, 1987. Though I find the song musically unoffensive, perhaps even forgettable, the lyrics are fun and offer a smidge of wisdom.

When explanations make no sense,
When every answer’s wrong,
You’re fighting with lost confidence,
All expectations gone.
The time has come to make or break;
Move on, don’t hesitate.
Breakout, don’t stop to ask;
Now you’ve found a break to make it last.
You’ve got to find a way,
Say what you want to say; breakout.
When situations never change,
Tomorrow looks unsure,
Don’t leave your destiny to chance.
What are you waiting for?
The time has come to make or break.
Breakout, don’t stop to ask;

Many people come to see me “When explanations make no sense” when they are ready to make a big change in their lives. So, if you are experiencing anxiety or depression, there is a way, you can find it. A therapist can help. Break out!

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