I’ve got nothing

About a year and a half ago, I set out to write once a week. I had a theme. I had ambition.

I kept things going for about six weeks. Then I stopped.

Around two months ago, I set out to write a blog post a day.

I got busy. I got distracted. I stopped.

And here I am, beginning again. Facing this keyboard, this empty screen, I’m daunted. I’ve got nothing to say. Nothing to talk about. I have no value to add to the conversation of life. Or at least that’s how I feel.

Beginning with a new idea is easy. Stopping, getting distracted? That’s easy too. Beginning again? This is taking some effort. Some grit.

On one hand I feel like I have nothing to say. On the other? It’s a lot of work to continue to read, to think and to process the information that I’m trying to process. I want to make a change in the world. I want to make a change with my work. I want to change my work – just enough to have a bigger impact. Just enough to be able to go home at the end of the day, remember my impact and think: “I did that”.

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