I know you

I know you.

You survived.

You survived by joking, by laughing, by playing,  by finding light, and finding humour everywhere you could because that was the only way to make the rest of it bearable.

You survived the teasing by learning to tease. You survived the insensitivity by developing your sense of timing, your sense of humor, your joke radar, your gift of knowing the perfect thing to say or do to change the breathing of everyone in the room.

You know something. You can MAKE people do something that affects them on the most basic level. You can change how people breathe. You survived because learned how to do this.

You survived with an embodied understanding of ‘this too shall pass.’ You survived knowing that laughing makes it pass more easily.

You survived by knowing that when things are at their worst that ‘you just need to laugh’. You learned that laughing and crying are so closely related  that at their peak, it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other.

You survived because you know how elegantly brief and limited our lives are. You survived because you understand that we are simple, ephemeral animals.

You survived pain, fear, grief, powerlessness and desperation by laughing. You survived by not taking any of it too seriously.

I know you.

You survived.

And I take how you survived very very seriously.

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