Happy New Year – time to play

Happy New Year, everybody.
I’m kind of joking. And I’m kind of not.
This is my new year.
This is the second week of my 48th year on the planet. This feels like an important year. Year 48! I’m feeling quite optimistic. 

Looking back on my 47th year

I created two great new things – on top of helping other people as a therapist in private practice.
I built a space. I bought a property, became a landlord and created a really neat studio and office space. It’s the studio of my dreams. Sure it’s not huge, but it is the ultimate rec room.
I have everything I need to host and to play. There’s a big empty room and a place to make coffee. It’s brilliant. 
Second thing I did? I began to develop a theoretical framework for the body of knowledge I have developed through twenty five years of unconventional living. Too many job titles and paths to list. The skinny on what I know how to do? 
I know how to play.
I know how to play spontaneously, quickly, improvisationally, with a huge dynamic range. I rediscovered in theoretical and scientific terms that play is important, super important.

So I have a space. Now it’s time to fill it with play

From now until the new year, I’m inviting you to come and hang out in my space with me. We’ll do stuff. We’ll play – and play with awareness. We’ll talk about some of the theory and neuroscience around what we’re doing. And maybe? Maybe we’ll even come into a new relationship with ourselves and each other as a result.
This will happen every week or so until the new year.
On a ‘let’s see where this goes’ basis.
We did it once already. On my birthday. It was fun – so much so that I would like to make this an ongoing thing. 


I’m still putting feelers out to see if it lands with people. The response and impacts so far have been quite positive. So, I will tentatively continue to host these events and see if people are getting something out of them. If so? They might become a regular, scheduled occurrence – perhaps a class with a pricetag. Perhaps not. For now, what’s important to me is creating a space filled with warm, welcoming presence, connection and levity. 
The next event is November 20 at 7pm.
First ten people to RSVP? They can come and play. If more RSVP? I’ll add more nights, more spots, more sessions. Let’s just see how it goes. 
So? Want to be one of the first ten? 
RSVP here to save your spot.

Happy New Year!

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