What’s your driving style?

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We all move through the world with a different style. We all have a different way of being in the world. When you encounter people with a style that’s different than yours, what happens? Do you continue to go with the flow? Do you adapt to who they are? Do you insist on your style or way of being?

You can’t always go with the flow

Well, you can, but that has a cost to you too. If you’re a go-with-the-flow person, what does it take for you to be completely offended, floored, or driven off the road by somebody else? When is it appropriate for you to put the pedal to the metal? When do you need to pump the brakes?

How does play factor into things?

Do you like doing donuts in a shopping mall parking lot after a snowstorm? Do you believe that the parking brake is there to help you turn? All valid questions. So what’s your driving style? Subscribe, comment, like and share.

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