Are you a hairapist?

So, you’ve developed a career helping others. Likely to be creative, work your own hours and make a difference in the lives of others. Once you started though, there was a lot more to your job than what you learned in school

Clients have needs

What separates the good service providers from the great ones is the ability to do the tough emotional work. To see, listen to and anticipate the needs of your clients. And there are times when our clients can be demanding of things beyond the scope of our work. And they do this unaware of this fact and the impacts they have on others

Spa workers and mental health

Many front line care workers, whether they are estheticians, massage therapists, or hairdressers provide a vital role in the mental health of their clients. If you work in an industry like this, you can have a profound impact on the lives of those you serve. How do you handle the emotional dumping site of your clients? Are you doing enough? Could you be doing more? When are you over your head? They say that anxiety and depression are cured by connection and meaning. How do you help those that you serve make meaning out of the confusion of life?

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Working with people who trust us with their stories can be both a blessing and a curse. We develop lasting relationships with many of our clients. Our work frequently goes well beyond our job descriptions.

Does the service you provide do more than what you advertise?

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