You are one of us

I’m a therapist. I work in the field of mental health. I’m part of the people, the group, the gang that helps people heal and feel okay about being alive.

Do you care about your clients?

Does their well being concern you? Are you impacted by the energy they come to you with? If you are an esthetician, a hairdresser, massage therapist or work in a vet clinic, you are likely also a mental health worker without awareness of exactly what you do. So welcome to the field of mental health you’re one of us.

I’m here to help you

My friend Thomas made aware that I wasn’t quite who I thought I was. I mean, sure, I was me, myself and that stuff. But through him, I discovered that I had more to offer the world and that there was a place where my quirkiness ‘fit’.

Chances are you are an empath

So many of us, drawn to professions where we care for others, are empathetic. This is likely one of your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Caring so much. How do you deal with the fact you really care about people? How do you hold space while others are in distress? How do you deal with people telling you intimate details about their personal problems all day?

Jimbits podcast

You’re one of us. Let’s get to work.

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