Longer days, Northrop Frye and Krispy Kritters

Beloved literary critic Northrop Frye talked about Archetypes in literature. These seem to have parallels in life. Fall is the time of the death of the hero – a time of tragedy. Winter is described as the time of irony and satire.

The function of irony and satire in our lives

Irony and satire are highly functional – they create distance from the pain and grief of the losses experienced in times of tragedy. My father was a firefighter. He had a wicked ironic and satirical sense of humour. He has seen things that no one wants to see. He has witnessed exceptional and extreme trauma. He and his colleagues constantly were joking, using humour to distance themselves from what they had experienced. This, while waiting for the light, joy and life of the spring time to come.

Waiting for the sun

So as we await our rebirth, as the days get longer and we pass from the darkness of winter into the new growth of spring, how to you use humour to survive? How does it function as you serve your clients? Do you know someone with an exceptional sense of humour that would love to read this? Share this podcast. Leave me a voice message using the Anchor.fm app. And subscribe to Jimbits for fresh, bits of Jim delivered daily directly to your earhole.

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Longer days and Krispy Kritters

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