Outcomes vs Outputs

Holding back. Hesitating. Over-planning. Analysis paralysis. All of these things are the enemy of the creative process. When you are trying to do something new, you can’t control how other people will receive what you are putting out into the world.

Here comes the judge!

You can’t control how people will think of you. You can’t control how people will judge you. And people will judge you. Some of these judgments will be favorable, others less so. You can’t control the outcome of your work. You can’t control what people think about you

Control is an illusion

We can’t control much in our lives. A lot of what happens to us is a product of random chance. What we can control however is what we put out into the world. We can control how we adaptively attune to the phenomena of being alive.

How do you deal?

What we put out into the world matters. And when we attach our outputs too much to a desired outcome? We can get stuck overthinking. Or our expectations can destroy our experience of being alive. So. When you’re stuck worrying about how things will work out, how do you get started? How do you overcome your desire to control the outcomes of your efforts?

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