Jim’s auto responder


Thank you for your email. It’s a storm day here today in Dartmouth.
I’m going to enjoy it with my children.
So, if you’re reading this, I’m either sitting by a blazing fire or outside riding on sleds down hills without a helmet. 
If this is a mental health emergency or is urgent, pleas call your local mental health crisis line or 911.
If this is work related, I’ll get back in touch with you sometime before the end of the week.
Cheers eh?

My current auto-responder message

I’m taking a snow day today.

I could work remotely.

I could take conference calls.

I could reply to your email, to your text.

And today?

I’m not going to.

I’m going to sit by my fire and drink coffee.

I’m going to play with my kids.

This is likely going to inconvenience some people.

And, most pleasurable things are inconvenient, and difficult.

Further, efficiency typically benefits the extremely wealthy. The billionaires.

When we work, every second of our labour of our effort goes to support one of the oligarchs who own everything.

It’s a giant Amway multi level market and we’re at the bottom. Even if you’re driving an Audi, you’re closer to the bottom than the top.

Billionaires are likely nice people. Nice people out of touch with the reality of their wealth, the impact of their hoarding behaviour and the disgusting nature of their entitlement.

Billionaires like the Irving family. They have over 7 billion dollars. If each dollar were a second? That would amount to two hundred and eleven years.

If each dollar in a million dollars were a second? That adds up to around eleven minutes.

No one needs a billion dollars.

We need to tax these rich assholes at a much more significant rate.

We need to take their wealth back.There is no justification for a billion dollars.So I’m taking this day. I’m taking this time. Someone else can help these poor billionaires keep up with each other today.

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