Mannequin Attack, or how to improve your life through behavioral diversity

Also known as MA, Mannequin Attack is a game started when someone says the name of the game. Anyone who hears the name of the game being said has to freeze, no matter what they’re doing, until someone says the one of the players names or touches them. The person whose name is said (or gets touched) is then free. This repeats until all players are free.

I was introduced to this game by Jonathon Taylor while at the Dell Arte International School for Physical Theatre. Some people liked the game. Others did not. Either way, it became a part of our daily lives. It became a part of our culture.

We were ferocious in playing it. We played it in grocery stores. We played in at Banks. It upset people. Some, who didn’t know the game felt threatened by us. We weren’t a threat. That feeling they experienced? Not our problem. We felt a great connection and all sorts of other great feelings playing this game.

I miss having this kind of behavioral diversity in my life. In no way did this game make my life more efficient. It did however make things more fun.How could a game or some behavioral diversity improve your life?

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