Emergence vs emergency

I’ve been working towards writing a book. The biggest issue facing me is that as I do this, I’m constantly learning from what emerges through my creative process. This is great for life long learning. It’s getting in the way of creating a product though.

Divergent thoughts from an old tree stump

I have an old juniper tree stump. Every night, I go into my basement studio and start whittling. With each cut, new things emerge. With each cut, it looks better. I love just whittling away my time. This sculpture is a long term project. I’ll work on it for years.

Whittling therapy

Working as a therapist is a lot like whittling my stump. With each appointment and every intervention, new things emerge. My clients find more clarity. People come and go from my practice. They say when they are done. And when they come back? We just keep whittling away again. What I bring to my work is a commitment to staying ‘in process’. This is my biggest strength.

My biggest strength is also my greatest weakness

By committing to being constantly in process, I struggle with finishing a product. How are your biggest strengths also huge weaknesses?

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