You can’t surf in a lake

For years, before moving back to my hometown of Dartmouth Nova Scotia, I surfed regularly in the Great Lakes. Frequently people would approach us at my home break on the peanut at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. They were curious about the whole spectacle : Wetsuits? Surfboards? People in the water riding on waves? We captured a lot of attention.

You can’t surf in a lake

This is a funny one. Even though there was visible proof, right in front of their eyes, people would say this to us: “You can’t surf in a lake”. There would at times be someone riding a wave. I just did it. My friends had just ridden waves – surfed in a lake. And somehow? These kind souls were convinced that “You can’t surf in a lake”.

Belief vs reality

Eventually, they would give up on the idea that you can’t surf in a lake and move onto another ‘belief’: You guys are nuts. You must be so cold. Bit of background? We’d be surfing in January in 4 degree water, and the air at -5. No matter how much we explained that, no, we’re not crazy. Our wetsuits are designed for this. And fact that the water is actually 9 degrees warmer than the air? None of this mattered. Their limited imaginations couldn’t extend beyond their belief. As such, we were all crazy. We were doing the impossible – that is surfing in a lake in January in Toronto and not being completely nuts.

What do you do that’s impossible?

Many of us have superpowers. Many of us can do things that others can’t even begin to comprehend. For me? Surgeons. I faint at even the slightest sign of blood. No way on earth would I ever consider cutting a human open, with the hopes of putting them back together again. A motorcycle? Fine. I’d tear one apart and figure it out. But a human? No way. So – what do you have the ability to do that others see as impossible? What’s something that you view as impossible that you might want to try? This can be in a relationship, at work, or just as a hobby. Experiment with what’s possible. You might surprise yourself.

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