What’s your biggest nightmare?

I’ve had a recurring nightmare my entire life. Well, as far as i can remember anyway. In this nightmare / fever dream, I’m faced with a task. I must move an entire beach, one grain of sand at a time, using only chopsticks. Let that sink into your body for a minute.

It gets worse

In the dream, I’m tiny. I’ve somehow shrunk. Like I’ve been zapped by a nasty shrink ray. I’ve been made so small that each grain of sand is the size of a baseball. It’s completely overwhelming.

It’s also a fairly realistic dream

If you contemplate the size of our solar system, our galaxy or our universe, you’ll find that we are infinitesimally small. Our size on a galactic scale makes dust look like boulders – like the glacial erratics dropped liberally around this part of the world. When you think about the scale of time in the universe, our lives are over quicker than the blink of an eye.

Funny part?

Despite the fact that each and every one of us is completely insignificant we take life so seriously. Despite the fact that none of us, and none of this really matters, we make a great big hairy fucking deal about the grains of sand.

Like sands through the hourglass…

The days of our lives are slipping away. It’s happening much more quickly than you can imagine. Despite this, you’re likely reluctant or even afraid to make even a small change in your life. It could hurt people. Making a change might. Or, you might be overstating your importance. You might be overstating your impact on the world.

Take a risk

What’s one granular, small change you could start with now? What’s a little change that you could make that’s so small that other people would really have to pay attention to notice? How could you make a change like this happen everyday? What would happen if you did this consistently?

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