A little help please

I used to be a wedding DJ. At my best, I did nothing but take requests. I learned sooooo much by simply listening to the crowds. I developed a feeling for what ‘worked’. When a crowd responded well, I learned how to keep that going. And if a song flopped? I could adjust on the spot and adapt to what was necessary to make it work.

I also wrote and performed my clown show, Loki’s Big Dream. Doing what worked on stage was much the same. I would respond and adapt in the moment for what was necessary for the audience. And when I surf waves or counsel clients?, I do much the same. I respond and adjust to what is happening in the moment.

As a writer? I don’t get feedback in the moment. And so I lack direction.

I want to create stories, blog posts, and podcasts that matter to you. I want to bring my best writing to you. I want to create thoughtful, heartfelt, and above all playful content with you in mind.

In order to do this, I need your help. I need to know where to go.So I have a request. Please take a moment to answer my one-question survey.I promise this link isn’t going to try to sell you something.I simply want to write about things you care about from my perspective.

Here’s a podcast asking for help

Here’s the form:

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