Less and more

Five years ago today I was wearing a dust mask and covered in drywall dust. I was working on completing the renovation of the basement of our house in Toronto. The basement was being finished because we were finished with both the house and our life in Toronto.

It was time to reinvent ourselves

We were fed up with traffic. We were sick and tired of being stuck on cramped buses, subways and street cars. Sure the city had world class arts events. We were so house poor we couldn’t afford to get into what the city offered – even if we had time to make it to a cultural offering. There was a considerable number of free public things to do. I found them intolerably crowded.  We talked about things as a family and discovered what we wanted.

We wanted less and more

We wanted less time in traffic and more dinners together as a family. We wanted less crowds and more open spaces. We wanted a less debt and more security. We wanted a less cluttered house and more room to breath. We wanted less driving to the country and more time in nature. We wanted less time working for our wages and more time to create. 

We found this by moving

We sold our house in Toronto, moved to Dartmouth and began to make these desires a reality. The next few blog posts and podcasts will cover some of the things we needed to do, to consider and, to learn in order to make this happen.

Listen to the podcast here

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