Happy New Year – time to play

Happy New Year, everybody.I’m kind of joking. And I’m kind of not.This is my new year.This is the second week of my 48th year on the planet. This feels like an important year. Year 48! I’m feeling quite optimistic.  Looking back on my 47th year I created two great new things – on top ofContinue reading “Happy New Year – time to play”

My favourite sense

As I continue this written exploration of my praxis as both an artist and therapist, I’m struck by how, like so many people that I serve, I am unable to see the nose on my own face. When I wrote this earlier post I was exploring those senses we don’t usually consider part of ourContinue reading “My favourite sense”

Let’s start with why – why I became a clown – my origin story

In another post, I wrote about the clown show that I made when my daughter was born. In the show I referred to ‘a story’ or ‘my story’ and that people connect with it. It’s a compelling story. It is also central to my ‘why’, my greater purpose in life. I’ve told this story manyContinue reading “Let’s start with why – why I became a clown – my origin story”

In the Beginning – a clown creation story

Clowning and therapy Part 1: In the Beginning / Pull My Finger I’m calling this clown and therapy part 1. Do I have plans for a part two yet? Not so much. And clowning has been such an important and impactful part of my life, I can’t imagine stopping at a single post. Especially givenContinue reading “In the Beginning – a clown creation story”