The 13th Carrot or How Will Therapy Take / Tolerating Uncertainty

This piece is called, The Thirteenth Carrot. When clients come to me to work on anxiety, relationship issues or depression, they frequently ask me, how long will therapy take? How long I’m going to be seeing you? My answer? Well, if you want to make a change, it will take somewhere in the neighbourhood ofContinue reading “The 13th Carrot or How Will Therapy Take / Tolerating Uncertainty”

Meet Them Where They’re At / No Bad Audiences

Early in my career as an artist, I worked for other people performing their shows. This was really rewarding. It gave me a steady income base and most importantly, it gave me a steady stream of audiences to play with. Clowning is the art of connection. The only way to become a good clown isContinue reading “Meet Them Where They’re At / No Bad Audiences”

In the Beginning – a clown creation story

Clowning and therapy Part 1: In the Beginning / Pull My Finger I’m calling this clown and therapy part 1. Do I have plans for a part two yet? Not so much. And clowning has been such an important and impactful part of my life, I can’t imagine stopping at a single post. Especially givenContinue reading “In the Beginning – a clown creation story”