Happy New Year – time to play

Happy New Year, everybody.I’m kind of joking. And I’m kind of not.This is my new year.This is the second week of my 48th year on the planet. This feels like an important year. Year 48! I’m feeling quite optimistic.  Looking back on my 47th year I created two great new things – on top ofContinue reading “Happy New Year – time to play”

The last time I was stuck

I wanted to do something about it And I left my laptop On my desk At my office So… I gave up I stayed stuck The laptop became an excuse I got distracted And forgot About the painful fact that I was stuck I didn’t sit down with a pen And a Hilroy notebook AndContinue reading “The last time I was stuck”

Seven point nine seconds left

Seven point nine seconds left. You’ve worked so hard for this. Holy shit. It’s happening. Don’t screw it up. You’ve been here before. Well, not seven point nine seconds away from the NBA finals with a very fragile lead. You’re not an NBA player. And, you’ve been here. Metaphorically. Close. Way too close. So closeContinue reading “Seven point nine seconds left”

Let’s start with why – why I became a clown – my origin story

In another post, I wrote about the clown show that I made when my daughter was born. In the show I referred to ‘a story’ or ‘my story’ and that people connect with it. It’s a compelling story. It is also central to my ‘why’, my greater purpose in life. I’ve told this story manyContinue reading “Let’s start with why – why I became a clown – my origin story”

Success by doing everything the wrong way, 20 years of freelancing

If you had watched my freelance career over the past twenty years, there were times you would have been appalled by the decisions I’ve made. I’ve done everything wrong. And yet, here I am: I’m middle aged. I have a great career, and a good many of the ugly bumps in my personal life haveContinue reading “Success by doing everything the wrong way, 20 years of freelancing”

Listening to the Crowd, Playing With the Outliers: What My Work as a Wedding DJ Taught Me About Leadership

Shortly after I got married,  I got a gig as a wedding DJ. When I got that wedding DJ gig, I thought it was just going to be temporary. You know, a thing I could do for a little while until my ship came in and I finally had that great acting gig I hadContinue reading “Listening to the Crowd, Playing With the Outliers: What My Work as a Wedding DJ Taught Me About Leadership”

Swinging Through Acrophobia

Acrophobia: The fear of heights In July of 1999 I found myself 60 feet up the mast of a tall ship sailing into New York Harbour at sunset. The World Trade buildings were silhouetted, haloed with the sun behind them. All of Coney Island was glowing cotton candy pink, orange, fuschia. The harbour was filledContinue reading “Swinging Through Acrophobia”