Happy New Year – time to play

Happy New Year, everybody.I’m kind of joking. And I’m kind of not.This is my new year.This is the second week of my 48th year on the planet. This feels like an important year. Year 48! I’m feeling quite optimistic.  Looking back on my 47th year I created two great new things – on top ofContinue reading “Happy New Year – time to play”

Dartmouth Prefabs and the Gestalt Creative Adjustment

If you’ve spent any time in the North End of Dartmouth you’ve seen them: Dartmouth’s prefabs. Located between Windmill Road and Victoria Road, on the blocks south of Albro Lake Road these cheery little homes were built to house returning soldiers and their growing families. Initially they were all the same simple boxes. No upstairs.Continue reading “Dartmouth Prefabs and the Gestalt Creative Adjustment”