Success by doing everything the wrong way, 20 years of freelancing

If you had watched my freelance career over the past twenty years, there were times you would have been appalled by the decisions I’ve made. I’ve done everything wrong. And yet, here I am: I’m middle aged. I have a great career, and a good many of the ugly bumps in my personal life haveContinue reading “Success by doing everything the wrong way, 20 years of freelancing”

In the Beginning – a clown creation story

Clowning and therapy Part 1: In the Beginning / Pull My Finger I’m calling this clown and therapy part 1. Do I have plans for a part two yet? Not so much. And clowning has been such an important and impactful part of my life, I can’t imagine stopping at a single post. Especially givenContinue reading “In the Beginning – a clown creation story”

Jim Dalling’s Pop Psychology November 6, 1979

I currently work as a therapist in Downtown Dartmouth. Prior to that, I was an arts educator and touring performer. The bulk of my training was as a clown. I imagine you’re thinking: What does being a clown have to do with being a therapist? Well, clowning is a performance. Not one that you doContinue reading “Jim Dalling’s Pop Psychology November 6, 1979”

Loki’s Big Dream Review

I had a great time performing at the Atlantic Fringe Festival this summer. Here’s what the Chronicle Herald in Halifax had to say: It’s the perfect performance for combined child engagement and adult consideration. Festival veteran Dalling gives an energetic, interactive performance. He not only had the audience participate but the inquisitive kids present askingContinue reading “Loki’s Big Dream Review”

Grandparents are fantastic

Bring your parents, bring your kids, bring your love to be When I was in theatre school we did a lot of ranting, slamming beers down on tables and complaining that most main stream theatre was being made for the ‘blue rinse’ crowd at Neptune. Nothing was fresh enough. Nothing was edgy enough. Nothing wasContinue reading “Grandparents are fantastic”

Where has Loki’s Big Dream been performed before?

  I’ve been performing Loki’s Big Dream for close to eight years now. I’ve had close to 200 performances. It’s been seen in schools.  Lots of them. I’ve also been engaged to perform in some nice theatres. My favorite show was however not in a theatre. It was in the McMichael Canadian Collection. There IContinue reading “Where has Loki’s Big Dream been performed before?”

It started as a school show but became so much more

Let me paint a bit of a picture for you It was October 2006.  My daughter had just been born. Laura was doing course work for her Phd. I had just returned from a second call back in New York for the Blue Man Group. They said thank you, but no. Though happy about beingContinue reading “It started as a school show but became so much more”

Loki’s Big Dream

Sublime, magical theatre for all ages Do you love theatre? Isn’t it incredible how being present at live event creates such a sense of intimacy? How you get to be part of something wonderful? Loki’s Big Dream is ‘one of those shows.’ It uses the medium of theatre in an incredible, yet simple way. TheContinue reading “Loki’s Big Dream”